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Golf Master 3D 1.0

Golf Master 3D is a golf simulation game than you can enjoy free
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Golf Master 3D is a free golf simulator. Your goal is that of any golf game - to put the ball into a hole by striking it with a club. The lower the number of strikes you need to accomplish that the better. There is a number of strikes considered the average for each hole. That number is called "par". Your score will be based on how many strikes, below or over the par, you need in order to put the ball in the hole.

The whole game is controlled with your mouse. First, you select the most appropriate driver for each strike. Then, you need to choose the direction of your strike by clicking on the left and right arrows. Finally, to select strike power, you will have to click and hold the "Strike" button, and release it when you want to strike the ball. Remember to take into account where and how fast the wind blows in order to calculate the strength and direction of your strike.

After putting a ball in each hole, you will see your scorecard, showing you the number of the hole you played in, the par for that hole, and how many strikes you needed to complete that hole.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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